How it all started

My mother introduced me in the doggie-world. With her Scottish terrier dog, Lucky Lad of Eastbrook, we went to a few dogshows and that is how it all started. I was infected with the dog-virus.

In 1981 I bought my first Scottisch terrier bitch, Sweet Sensation of Eastbrook. She was a real nice girl, but didn’t like showing, so she was very quickly retired from the show-scene.
In november 1983 she produced the first Rantin Reiver’s baby’s by Ch. Joël Black Boy. Her first born puppy was a girl and she stayed with me.
Her name was Rantin Reiver’s Amiable Shona. She grew up to a goodlooking lady who did well at the shows. After she had won 2 CC’s she has been mated for the first time. She really liked motherhood and did not want to show anymore after her litter. Funny enough, after she produced her last litter and I was showing one of her daughters, she decided to join us to the shows again, with real pleasure. At the age of almost 7 years old she finallly gained her title and was my first homebred Dutch champion!!!!

To be continued!!!!